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The entire concept of cartoon drawing has taken a different shape nowadays, than what it originally used to be. The main initiation of cartoon drawing could be traced back to the days, when the painters started to maintain a rough sketch before finalizing their main drawing. These rough sketches were made to get an approximate idea of how the original painting would turn out to be. It was then that these rough sketches were referred to as cartoons, as they might have looked comical from certain aspects at the rudimentary level.

The beginning

The rough sketches that were developed had an uncanny look to them, at times which were considered to be funny in comparison to the real painting or sculpture done. Starting with these, several days passed and the concept started shifting from rough sketches to a more accepted form of funny sketches or pictures. With this accomplished idea, the magazines and media started to promote funny sketches with certain tag lines as cartoon drawing. With the concept turned completely, these queer, deformed pictures came to be accepted as cartoons and grew in popularity among several individuals across the globe.

How it gained popularity.

The notion of cartoon drawing became a huge craze among individuals, which led to the sudden boom of learning cartoon drawing. Every individual started to learn the technique and art of depicting cartoons, and coming up wit tag lines. The major reason of its popularity was to carry out several campaigns and protests, where each of the painters put down the opinions of the people through the help of cartoon drawing on placards. The urgent need of having cartoonists for several occasions started mounting, and so did the enthusiasm among painters to take up cartoon drawing. 4anime

Changing faces again

In the long run, cartoon drawing became more diverted, as the newspapers and magazines sought it to be a profitable venture and started bringing out short comics, which had cartoon depiction in it. This change again led to new convention of people thinking that the funny animated characters or pictures that are seen are cartoons. The popularity of the new cartoon series grew to a level, where it had to be brought over as animations on the television media. The problem here was to create the animation by adding up several cartoon drawings, in several positions and flipping them rapidly in a matter of seconds; producing the idea that the entire vision was a continuous event.



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