Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

A few months ago I had no clue what a one way link was. I had no clue about why getting good quality backlinks is important. But I learned. But I know why now and I know how to do it now. As a result, my sites are soaring in traffic and ranking on page 1 in Google. For this I am excited and grateful that my work has been worthwhile. That is why you will benefit from reading more. I can share what I learned and how you can do it too.

Patience is important. We go nowhere without it. Many people clamor for instant results, both online and offline. For example, in the days of our forefathers there was an understanding that the person who planted the tree might not actually see the fruit it would bear. 구글상위노출

One old saying is “The seed never sees the flower.” There is much truth in that simple thought.

Out of this reflection came a better understanding of one way links specifically and backlinks in general which has been the topic of my recent studies online. Jonathan Leger’s program at 1waylinks.net has been exceptionally helpful to get these huge increases in traffic to my sites. This has also been a catalyst for a far more focused approach to my online work.

Pause for a definition. An example of a backlink is one of those words in an article that is bold or underlined that takes you can click on.


  • Then you are redirected to another page or site. It is designed to take you to another place of the author’s choosing.
  • Perhaps it offers more information or descriptions.
  • Perhaps it takes you to a sales page or an invitation to become a part of that author’s mailing list.
  • Sometimes it is simply an illustration of the point the author is making. The important thing is the author inserted that link because it is something of value for you. It is also valuable for the author.


When an article links back to a page with higher page rank or authority, the search engines consider the site has a higher value or page rank, assuming the source is actually relevant.

So the backlink not only communicates to the reader, ‘this is an important item I want you to see’, it leads them to another site or page where you can continue to communicate with them. At the same time, the backlink communicates to search engines that the author has done some preliminary ‘homework’ and presents pertinent information for users. Therefore the article you wrote or site you manage is more useful and more valuable than it would be without the backlink.

Backlinks are so important some companies have created programs to build links to your sites for you for a fee. There are one way links, reciprocal links and three way links programs that I have used with good results.


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